Battery Jump Start Services in Fremont

There are several reasons why a car’s battery may become flat. The most common is still simply forgetting to switch off the headlights while leaving the car parked with its engine off. In modern cars, there is less chance of this happening as they are fitted with mechanisms intended to prevent such an occurrence, but even in modern vehicles, it is still possible to drain the battery.
Other reasons which may lead to a dead battery are faults in a vehicle’s electric systems or that the battery itself is getting old (a battery is usually good for three to five years).

Whatever the reason, a dead battery means it is impossible to start up the engine normally, by turning the ignition switch. A battery jump start may solve the problem, once your car’s engine is running it will generate enough electric power to allow normal use of the vehicle.

Professional, Fast Service for all Dead Batteries

A manual shift car may be jump-started by pushing it along (preferably downhill) until it gathers enough momentum, then engaging second gear and releasing the clutch. This is not an option with vehicles that have automatic gearboxes, as in most cars nowadays.
Any vehicle with a dead battery can be jump-started by supplying it with electric power from another vehicle through the use of jumper cables. Even if you have a set of jumper cables you may want to call in professionals to help you, a battery jump-start is tricky, battery poles need to be uncovered, and mistakes may lead to damage in both vehicles involved.

Steel Towing – Your Local Roadside Assistance Vendor

Steel Towing Fremont is dedicated to providing any towing and roadside assistance services, battery jump-start included. Our expert techs are available 24/7, we guarantee fast response times and friendly service. Our honest billing policy means competitive pricing and no hidden costs.
If you find yourself stranded and in need of a battery jump start you can do no better than to call on us!
Our roadside assistance services include:

• Battery jump start
Gas filling
Car lock picking
• Flat tire change
• Battery replacement
• Wrecker service
• Any other auto assistance you may require

We also provide all kinds of towing solutions.

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