Flatbed Towing VS Tow With A Dolly?

What Is A Flatbed Towing?

Basically there are two ways to tow a disabled vehicle, the first is where only one end is lifted and two wheels remain in contact with the road, the other is flatbed towing where the entire vehicle rests with all wheels upon the flatbed of a flatbed tow truck.
There are numerous advantages to flatbed towing, it is considered safer and a flatbed tow truck remains relatively easy to drive even while in tow. There are cases where flatbed towing is the only option, for example with motorcycles (which can only be towed flatbed) or with severely damaged vehicles.

Why Tow With A Dolly?

Towing with a dolly allows almost any vehicle with a tow hook to tow other vehicles. Towing with a dolly comes in handy when you wish to tow on your own, without using towing services. Typical cases for towing with a dolly are towing a vehicle behind an RV, towing race cars or vintage vehicles.
Towing with a dolly requires adequate knowhow, both for attaching the towed vehicle securely and for driving with loaded dolly in tow. It is possible to rent a dolly or you can own one if you plan to use it regularly.

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