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It is estimated that the average driver encounters a flat tire once every three years or so. It is a simple setback that can be fairly easily overcome but nonetheless may very well call for professional assistance. This is why at Steel Towing Fremont we offer a flat tire change service, we know how valuable your time is and make it a point to be at your side quicker than you could hope for and have you on your way in no time.

Benefits of Calling In Professionals

When faced with a flat tire some may feel obligated to handle the situation themselves, after all every driver was shown how to do it at some point or another. As in many cases so as with a flat tire change, there may be a vast difference between theory and practice.

There are several things to consider when deciding whether to call for a professional flat tire change service. First, there is safety, especially if you are stranded at the side of a busy road or highway. Even in ideal conditions lifting a car up on a jack inevitably involves some element of danger.
Other benefits are that changing a flat tire will almost always involve getting at least a bit dirty, with no soap and water or a change of clothes handy this may be a real problem if you need to remain presentable.

Fast, Reliable and Cost-Effective

Calling in professional roadside assistance techs may very well turn out to be not only more convenient but also faster and more cost-effective. Attempting a flat tire change may turn out to be more time-consuming than anticipated, in fact, it may take longer to do it yourself than to call in a reliable, professional service.

At Steel Towing Fremont we are dedicated to serving the community by providing comprehensive roadside assistance and towing services. We operate a 24/7 dispatch which means we can guarantee the fastest response times, our techs are certified, professional, experienced, and service-oriented. Our honest billing policy means competitive prices and no hidden costs.

We provide the following roadside assistance services:

• Flat tire change
Gas filling
• Car lock picking and auto locksmith solutions
• Battery jump start and battery replacement
All types of towing and car wrecker services
• Any other roadside assistance you may require

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