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Whether you are in Fremont traveling in the middle of the night, or in the heat of the day, you will probably find the need for towing service at one point or another. Fremont cars overheat, tires blow out, and sadly collisions occur far more often than we are comfortable with and car towing is a necessary cost. A good tow truck service in Fremont should provide a driver with an easy conscience, and confidence in his equipment, but this is not always the case. Towing service is something that we have come to view as less than desirable and far too costly.

Steel Towing Fremont set out to change the towing service reputation and after years in the community have done more than its share of work toward changing the Fremont norm to pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied customers.

Accredited Towing And Roadside Services in Fremont:

Call for the Pros at Steel Towing Fremont

Did you know that the origin of towing service originated with a man in Chattanooga Tennessee? He had a friend drive off into the river in an accident and he and his friends spent 8 hours pulling that man’s car out, the first towing service.
Inspired by this event light-duty towing was born, and car towing came under demand as the popularity of automobiles grew. Fremont has since then been blessed by continued growth in the industry and flatbed towing appeared as Fremont car towing was replaced by more heavy towing needs. Flatbed towing is the safest Fremont towing service a person could want if a car has been damaged, or if you’re thinking about local and long-distance towing as a Fremont towing service is the best way to make sure that your car doesn’t have to gain all those miles when it’s being towed that distance. Having your car put up on a Fremont flatbed towing truck will prevent further wear and tear to come to your car until it has arrived at its destination.

We Commit To A Fair And Honest Price

So when have you needed Fremont towing service for your car towing? Some people avoid towing services for fear of the cost but with Steel Towing Fremont there’s no ridiculous and inflated cost.
Steel Towing Fremont has been intent on providing towing services that will put your mind at ease. our local and long-distance towing costs are both under the honest pricing policy and without any complexity, they have helped create a standard for towing service that can give every Fremont driver peace of mind.
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